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Where and what to eat in Prenzlauer Berg

There are loads of restaurants in Berlin, and sometimes making the right decision can be difficult. That's why I decided to ask my friends about their favorite places in Berlin. I got a lot of answers so I divided them into districts. Of course, there will be updates because we are still searching for more. Enough "talking" - scroll down to see where and what to eat, to make sure that your trip will be absolutely delicious.

Wen Cheng, Schönhauser Allee 65, 10437 Berlin

Must eat position: Biang Biang Beef Price: 13,5e

This is the Chinese restaurant with absolutely outstanding Biang Biang noodles served with braised beef and house sauce. Watch out for the spiciness. Scale is from 1 to 3 chili peppers, and if you have a weak stomach stay on 1 - trust me ^^'

The place is extremely popular, so it is good to be before opening time, otherwise, you'll get stuck in a long line. (Sometimes even 1 hour or longer) Protip: To avoid long queues, you can order it through their website and pick it up in place.

In the closest neighborhood, you can easily find a bench or little stairs to sit and enjoy your freshly prepared meal.

Yumcha Heroes, Weinbergsweg 8, 10119 Berlin

Must eat position: Orange Prawns // Honey spare ribs

Price: 7,5e Price: 9,9e

Probably the best place to enjoy the food experience with friends. Yumcha (Super)Heroes is the Chinese restaurant in modern style. The place is famous for steamed or fried dumplings filled with meat, vegetables, or seafood.

The menu is pretty hefty, but don't worry - probably each of your choices will be delicious. The best option is to order 2 meals per person and share them with friends. Don't forget about astonishingly tasty cocktails.

Protip: You can make a reservation through their website.

44Brekkie, Rykestraße 44, 10405 Berlin

Must eat position: Everything

Price: 7-9e

This place is truly unique on the Berlin map. To be honest, I haven't tried something like this before. Absolutely wonderful sandwiches served on a toasted brioche with their secret sauce, scrambled eggs, and cheese. Simply perfection. This is a great option for breakfast or brunch as well. Of course, don't forget where you are. Good food = long line. Patience is the key.

Protip: If you don't want to wait, be there in the morning hours. They open at 9:00, and this is your chance to sit and enjoy your breakfast without waiting in line.

Wok Show

Must eat position: Dumplings with seafood fillings

Price: 15/16e - 20pc

This is not a well-known place. It's tricky to find it on blogs, vlogs and in guides. I discovered this place thanks to my friends and I was enchanted by the flavor of their dumplings. They remind me the taste of my grandmas dumplings (they quantity as well ^^). This time without protips, just find the best filling for you and enjoy your meal!

More soon...

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