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In the world of mozzarella

Last week I had a great opportunity to visit a freshly opened place on the Berlin food map, where life revolves around puffy cheese. It is located close to a little park in Friedrichshain so now I would like to invite you for a little trip to the land of mozzarella - The Bufala Club.

In the era of lockdown and constant restrictions, a possibility to enter a restaurant seems to be a luxury. However, you can feel a little taste of it just by walking through the Petersburger Platz where you can spot a compact stand fully stuffed with all kinds of products that The Bufala Club serves.

The Bufala Club is a place broadening the lunch offer in the Petersburger Strasse area. The owner of Pomodorino and Saporito (already known for delicious pizza & pasta) opened the place which offers home-made mozzarella served in multiple styles.

You can not only buy their products but also order delicious sandwiches full of… you-know-what ;)

What captivated me from the very first moment, was the unique Italian atmosphere, which can’t be confused with anything else. Even before I set my foot in, I was greeted by everyone’s smile and in the background I could hear Caruso - Lucio Dalla song, which one of the employees was humming under his breath. I could definitely feel the spirit of cooperation, friendship and mutual respect, which is not always so evident. For the time being, I moved to Italy where time gently slowed down and I could fully appreciate the moment.

And there was much to be appreciated as the mozzarella production process is mesmerizing. You can check the production steps below in the gallery but I encourage you to visit The Bufala Club on your own - I’m sure you will fall in love with all the flavours :)

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